Bright, vibrant, fun – my artwork is quirky and colourful. Each piece is individually created for a different effect. If you are searching for beautiful, original paintings at an affordable price, you’re in the right place!

In my series of stylised landscapes I seek to capture the essence of a place by focusing on line and shape while playing freely with colour, curve, and contour line.

For my collages I work intuitively to produce paintings and drawings in a wide range of colours and textures. They can be anything: landscapes, still life, abstracts….then I tear them up and reconstruct them into collages.

My favourite subjects are Ammonites and Labyrinths, but I’ve also created collage paintings of plants, animals, insects and landscapes. If you have an idea for an alternative subject, or would like to see something in different colours, just let me know.

Unlike many collage artists, I don’t generally use printed snippets from newspapers and magazines – the painted fragments are all my own. Once the design is in place, I set to work embellishing it with metallic inks, glitter and gems, and the whole piece is finally sealed with transparent water-based glue to keep everything in place.

You can listen to a podcast of me being interviewed about my artwork by Tim Saunders of Creative Coverage – just click HERE

I share a studio in Sherborne with my husband Mark, which is open to visitors by arrangement.

We have for sale framed and unframed originals, plus a great selection of cards.

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