with Bath Writers & Artists

16 March 2024

The year is gathering pace and it’s spring already, and I’m delighted to be participating in a performance event staged by Bath Writers & Artists:


2 – 5 pm Saturday 16th March 2024

Waterfront Arts Bar, Widcombe Social Club, Lower Widcombe Hill,

Bath BA2 6AA

The programme, curated by poet Linda Saunders (whose fifth book, The Tall Golden Minute, will be launched on the day), includes readings and a wealth of original work in the form of poetry, prose, and songs.

Tickets for the afternoon are just £5 – you can pay on the door.

These were some of the prompts:

Let’s ask what is the sound of time – tick and chime, wake-up alarm, toll and nell, the settling creaks of a house at night; you can even listen to a death watch beetle on YouTube.

Let’s write about the faces and voices of remembered clocks and about watching the clock. About youth and age and the remorseless calendar. About waiting and longing, suspense, impatience, time hanging heavy or racing…. About split seconds too fast to see. Unforgiving time and time’s absolution.

Let’s write about Finding Time, Wasting Time, Extra Time, Seed Time, Snow Time, now or never….

‘Borrowed Time’ is another interesting idiom. It’s generally used in the context of ‘living on borrowed time’, when one is in an uncertain or dangerous situation, or surviving despite a life-threatening illness.

In this song I was looking at the concept of borrowing time as a transaction, and had a lot of fun playing around with financial metaphors.

I’ll be performing it as one of my contributions to the Time concert, but you can get a sneak preview by clicking this link: Borrowed Time.



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