(It had to be done!)


Durdle Door! One of the most recognisable landmarks in England – and, it has to be said, something of an artistic cliché. Go into any gift shop or gallery within 50 miles of the Jurassic Coast, and it won’t take long before you spot a representation of that 10,000-year-old Portland limestone archway, magnificently guarding a curving beach.

And the phenomenon has spread far beyond.

Google ‘durdle door artwork’ and you will get nearly TEN MILLION results worldwide 😲

So why have I felt it necessary to add my humble offering to this overabundance? 🤔

It’s just something that happens when you live in Dorset. You tell yourself you won’t succumb, that you will remain proud and individualistic and avoid the herd mentality – but then sooner or later you start worrying that your portfolio simply isn’t complete. After all, if everyone else has painted it, why haven’t you? Can you truly call yourself a Dorset Artist without a Durdle Door?

And of course, the composition of this classic view is so very appealing – the intriguing folds and fissures of rock, the sweep of sand and shingle, the gentle ripples across the bay……how can anyone resist?

So here it is – stylised in acrylics on a 40 x 40 cm stretched canvas and available (if you haven’t already painted one yourself 🤣) in my Etsy shop.